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February 2015
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And now, the thrilling conclusion to the latest skirmish between the old world and the new.

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On two different airships, multiple attempts at breaking the stalemate in the skies are set into motion.

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With a strange companion in tow, the duo finds out the mystery of Greenfield, then heads back to report it.

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Skyfall's ready to fly! Let's hope there aren't any complications on the way up...

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The duo travels south from Greenfield on a sidequest, running into some kooky characters on the way.

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There are a few last-minute preparations to deal with, including a prolonged interaction with some of the prisoners in Skyfall's brig.

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A couple of days after the Curse of Cinders incident, the ponies of Skyfall continue to get ready for war.

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Manehattan is burning up. It's up to the Mawlers to find out why, once and for all. This is the finale for Mawlers Take Manehattan!

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Previously, very previously, outside of Dragon's Maw... A future dynamic duo meets up for the first time. And almost blow up in the process.

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The kids are on the trail of a kidnapping! But there's more to this case than meets the eye. A lot more.

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The Crystal Games are coming! Whee! But this little slice of life is interrupted by some real intrigue...

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Lapis-Lazily runs the show as the class is taken on a grand adventure through... VR gaming?

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Shenanigans continue as everyone tries to get the kids and adults back to normal.

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Magical shenanigans occur at a classmate's party.

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The class trip to the Manehattan City Zoo ends in a dangerously unregulated jackalope hunt!

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Field trip! The class and their chaperones head to the Manehattan City Zoo!

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Aurelia tries raising money through a lemonade stand on a hot day. She fails at first, but her classmates come by to help.

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Dr. Javolt and his TV crew clashes with Powder Keg's demolition company, with a few potential child stars caught in the middle.

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In Manehattan, kids and adults reluctantly come together for the dreaded Career Day at the local public school.

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The party comes back together to get a cloudship back in the air and maybe stop a spellplague along the way.

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Firelight and Dr. Tibbs discover a new threat to the citizens of Skyfall.

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Now that they've scavenged the rest of the parts, Flotsam and Dr. Javolt see what needs to be done to repair the fallen city of Skyfall.

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Xencarn and Tempered Steel attempt to do the impossible: Convince a pack of hellhounds to become allies.

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Having learned that trouble is on the horizon, the party takes stock of everything in the Maw and decides what to do next.

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With Stable 998 behind them, the Mawlers say farewell to some friends, say hello to new allies, and head back to Ribcage for a good night's rest.

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In the aftermath of the defense of Stable 998, Chica the changeling and Xencarn have a private discussion and come to an important decision.

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There's a problem: The location of Stable 998 is now common knowledge. And the nearby townsfolk want to loot it.

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The time comes to end the Machine Curse once and for all. But even when it's over, there are new problems to consider.

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The Dragon Mawlers find a secret Stable deep within the Maw, a relic from before the war. Why is it here, how is it related to the dragons, and what will the Mawlers find inside?

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The Mawlers follow the trail of the Cult of Tiamat, a mysterious power source, and an army of mutated fire-breathing lizards.

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The Mawlers' second morning in Ribcage starts out casually, but trouble looms on the horizon.

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As Javolt starts to calm down, the rest of the party get to know the movers and shakers of Ribcage.

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Dr. Javolt copes with loss the only way he knows how: Science! And getting on the rest of the party's nerves.

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Amidst revelations about Dr. Javolt's past, the Mawlers travel to the openly hostile wasteland settlement of Ribcage. (It's also our one-year anniversary!)

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The Dragon Mawlers' time in Apocalypse draws to a close. All that's left is to tie up a few loose ends.

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The Four Horses Gang finally convenes in the center of Apocalypse, but a last-minute twist threatens to topple everything the Dragon Mawlers have worked towards.

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