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What lies in the future of the Dragon's Maw and its ponies?

Thanks for listening!

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The Executive has made his move to steal the greatest draconic power source in the world. Can the Mawlers stop him?

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How far does a dragon go to avenge their entire species?

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A non-stop brawl with four legendary raiders from the distant past!

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One final dracolich's base of operations. But the Mawlers weren't the first to get there.

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The Mawlers need to figure out their next move. Then they prepare for that next move, say goodbyes, etc.

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The Cult is in retreat, and a newly revived dragon shares the details of the dracoliches' grand scheme.

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A dracolich is ended, and another new dragon is born.

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The lives of two dragons are on the line: One that hasn't been hatched yet, and one that's been dead for over two centuries.

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The Dragon Mawlers' prospects are shrinking fast! But they might be able to bargain and sneak their way out of it, if they choose to make some sacrifices.

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A war is on, but there's yet more room for absurdity and shenanigans before this adventure in the Maw is through.

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The forces on the Mawlers' side meet up in Skyfall to team up, coordinate their forces, and finally form a plan of attack for taking on the sixth dracolich.

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And now, the thrilling conclusion to the latest skirmish between the old world and the new.

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On two different airships, multiple attempts at breaking the stalemate in the skies are set into motion.

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Skyfall's ready to fly! Let's hope there aren't any complications on the way up...

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There are a few last-minute preparations to deal with, including a prolonged interaction with some of the prisoners in Skyfall's brig.

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A couple of days after the Curse of Cinders incident, the ponies of Skyfall continue to get ready for war.

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The party comes back together to get a cloudship back in the air and maybe stop a spellplague along the way.

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Firelight and Dr. Tibbs discover a new threat to the citizens of Skyfall.

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Now that they've scavenged the rest of the parts, Flotsam and Dr. Javolt see what needs to be done to repair the fallen city of Skyfall.

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Xencarn and Tempered Steel attempt to do the impossible: Convince a pack of hellhounds to become allies.

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Having learned that trouble is on the horizon, the party takes stock of everything in the Maw and decides what to do next.

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With Stable 998 behind them, the Mawlers say farewell to some friends, say hello to new allies, and head back to Ribcage for a good night's rest.

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In the aftermath of the defense of Stable 998, Chica the changeling and Xencarn have a private discussion and come to an important decision.

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There's a problem: The location of Stable 998 is now common knowledge. And the nearby townsfolk want to loot it.

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The time comes to end the Machine Curse once and for all. But even when it's over, there are new problems to consider.

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The Dragon Mawlers find a secret Stable deep within the Maw, a relic from before the war. Why is it here, how is it related to the dragons, and what will the Mawlers find inside?

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The Mawlers follow the trail of the Cult of Tiamat, a mysterious power source, and an army of mutated fire-breathing lizards.

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The Mawlers' second morning in Ribcage starts out casually, but trouble looms on the horizon.

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As Javolt starts to calm down, the rest of the party get to know the movers and shakers of Ribcage.

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Dr. Javolt copes with loss the only way he knows how: Science! And getting on the rest of the party's nerves.

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Amidst revelations about Dr. Javolt's past, the Mawlers travel to the openly hostile wasteland settlement of Ribcage. (It's also our one-year anniversary!)

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The Dragon Mawlers' time in Apocalypse draws to a close. All that's left is to tie up a few loose ends.

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The Four Horses Gang finally convenes in the center of Apocalypse, but a last-minute twist threatens to topple everything the Dragon Mawlers have worked towards.

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During the party in Apocalypse, while Xencarn deals with the raider known as Scales, Dr. Tibbs and Flotsam speak to Locust, the other Famine raider of interest.

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There's a party in Apocalypse! While Powder Keg distracts Famine with random activities, the rest of the gang do what they can to get intel and undermine Famine's web of secrecy.

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After fighting off a hangover and exploring more of the camp, the Mawlers discuss with the new leader of the War gang, Conquest.

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The Mawlers' stay in Apocalypse continues, including a rather ironic meeting with one of the more hostile raider leaders.

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The Dragon Mawlers arrive at the raider settlement of Apocalypse and meet in-person with some of the Four Horses leaders.

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The Dragon Mawlers travel from the cloudship city of Skyfall to the raider settlement of Apocalypse.

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The Dragon Mawlers investigate multiple leads into a potential undercover enemy agent trying to make a move within Skyfall's walls.

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The Mawlers return to Skyfall once more, and old connections are renewed.

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Powder Keg and Xencarn strike out on their own for a while, but run into a high-risk encounter. Afterward, the team seeks to pacify Craggy the cragodile.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_25_-_Famine_and_the_Hunt.mp3
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Where was Dr. Javolt during Session 22? This might answer that question. And raise some new ones.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_23.5_-_Javolt_in_Cyberspace.mp3
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The Dragon Mawlers barely take a step out the door before getting ambushed, which spawns a whole new mystery and exacerbates the issue with Dr. Tibbs.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_23_-_Raider_Ambush.mp3
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With the Steel Rangers back to normal, the party spends the following evening and morning dealing with the controversy surrounding Tibbs and a number of other matters.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_22_-_Good_Morning_Mawlers.mp3
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After a long night of deliberation, the Dragon Mawlers deal with the last piece of the Backstab Curse aftermath: The Steel Ranger crisis at Slayer Base.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_21_-_The_Slayer_Crisis.mp3
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Powder Keg and Xencarn, with a little help from Flotsam, want to get a sympathetic changeling in Skyfall out of prison. Hijinks ensue.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_20.75_-_Changeling_Jailbreak.mp3
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As a reward for reaching Level 6, the Dragon Mawlers choose to assemble a "B-Team" of capable NPCs. In order to narrow down the roster, they hold a series of interviews with the potential recruits.

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In the wake of Tanis's last-ditch effort to cause chaos in the Maw, the Dragon Mawlers deal with immediate problems in Skyfall before getting ready to deal with issues back north.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_20_-_Backstab_Aftermath.mp3
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Deep within the Tainted Abyss, a small subset of both the Dragon Mawlers and the Black Lotus Prospectors face off against the source of the Backstab Curse.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_19_-_Temple_of_Tanis.mp3
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The party finally makes their way to the fourth dragon's lair, with the Black Lotus Prospectors in tow. On the way, they nearly fall victim to the psychic affliction locally known as the Backstab Curse.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_18_-_The_Tainted_Abyss.mp3
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During a bit of downtime, Flotsam leads the rest of the Dragon Mawlers through a game of "Mythical Realms". Dally steps into the DM hotseat this week for some recursive roleplaying!

The ship-city of Skyfall has a secret, and the little filly known as Flotsam is the key.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_17_-_GES_New_Dawn.mp3
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Tempered Steel has a moment of cowardice and attempts to leave the party. Meanwhile, Skyfall prepares for potential new problems, and Flotsam has some issues of her own to deal with.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_16_-_Runaway_Steel.mp3
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Minus one zebra, the group are hastily forced into a confrontation with Smaug, the Blood Dragon.

This was the last session for AK Codeman (Firelight), as unfortunately he won't be able to play for the rest of the summer. It's been a pleasure.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_15_-_Attack_on_Smaug.mp3
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In this mini-session, Xencarn and Firelight go off on their own to negotiate a deal with Stalker, leader of the Dragon's Maw slavers.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_14.5_-_Stalkers_Camp.mp3
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After reuniting with one of their newfound friends, the party travels south by southwest to the metal city of Skyfall.

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The group finally breaks in to the abandoned radio tower's vault and learn a great many things, both about the history of the region and themselves.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_13_2_of_2_-_Radio_Crackle.mp3
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Dragon Mawlers Inc. travels south towards an abandoned radio tower in the hopes of either restoring it or looting it of any valuables.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_13_1_of_2_-_The_Draconic_Tower.mp3
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The party is taken in by the Steel Rangers and find out they've been dragged into a cold war between opposing idealistic factions.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_12_-_Slayer_Base.mp3
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Due to technical difficulties, a recording disappears into the aether. Great Dinn arrives to read from his thoroughly detailed notes.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_11_Recap.mp3
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The group begins their journey south, which brings them past a trading post and an abandoned clinic. Arguments are had over procedure, and Powder Keg possibly finds his soulmate.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_10_-_Dine_n_Dash_Trading_Post.mp3
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Once the group gets back from their ordeal with Nidhogg, they spend some time relaxing in Gold Rush, which eventually ends up including a group therapy session.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_9_-_Therapy_in_Gold_Rush.mp3
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After narrowly escaping a Raider assault, the Dragon Mawlers group tracks down the undead dragon Nidhogg, who turns out to be an unusual encounter.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_8_-_Scorched_Boneyard.mp3
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The party enters a ruined Ministry of Image Intelligence Office in search of a dangerous figure known as the Burned Pony.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_7_-_Ministry_of_Image_Office.mp3
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The party explores the library of the Ministry of Arcane Sciences, while figuring out exactly where they stand with the Cult of Tiamat.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_6_-_Ministry_of_Magic_Library.mp3
Category:session -- posted at: 12:23pm PDT

The party welcomes their new mutant teenage dragoness to the party, and only scratches the surface of the challenges that come with introducing a new generation of a legendary species to the Equestrian Wasteland.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_5_-_Enter_Aurelia.mp3
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The party takes on everything in the domain of Glaurung, the Gold Dragon, the Trickster. Arguments are made, secrets are uncovered, and our first giant boss fight against a dragon is had.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_4_-_Glaurungs_City_of_Gold.mp3
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The wasteland of Dragon's Maw opens up for the party, who decide to head towards their first lead on a dragon's hoard: a secret place called Glaurung's Spire.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_3_-_Glaurungs_Spire.mp3
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Dragon Mawlers Inc. reaches the frontier town of Gold Rush, their first stop in Dragon's Maw. Unfortunately, they find out that the town is in some serious trouble.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_2_-_Gold_Rush.mp3
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The day after their chaotic introduction, the group gets kicked out of town straight into the perilous Flametongue Pass, which is the only path into Dragon's Maw. AK Codeman (Firelight) was absent for this session.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_1_-_Flametongue_Pass.mp3
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Our first session details how most of the group comes together in the gold rush town of Flametongue, right before they head into the dreaded region of Dragon's Maw.

Direct download: Fallout_is_Dragons_-_Session_0_-_Flametongue.mp3
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